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Internal Medicine, August 2005

Allergy and Immunology, October 2008


July 2005 – June 2007

Fellowship in Allergy and Immunology

Long Island College Hospital (LICH), Brooklyn, NY

July 2002 – June 2005

Residency in Internal Medicine

Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

June 1965 – June 1972

MD,Osmania Medical College

Hyderabad, India

August 1972 – September 1973

Internship, MGM Hospital,

Warangal, India


May 2005 - Present
Allergist and Immunologist at Center for Asthma and Allergy, NJ.
October 2007 - April 2009
Attending Allergist and Immunologist at Lutheran Family health centers LMC 150-55th street Brooklyn, NY.
July 2007 - October 2007
Job Searching
May 2001 - June 2002
House staff physician,Department of Psychiatry,at LICH, Brooklyn, NY
June 2000 - May 2001
Clinical observer in Department of Psychiatry, Elmhurst Hospital,Queens, NY
September 1998 - May 2000
House staff physician in the Department of Allergy and Immunology at LICH, Brooklyn, NY
December 1997 - March 1998
Clinical observer in Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center, Bronx, NY
July 1996 - June 1997
House staff physician in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
December 1994 - June 1996
Preparation USMLE exams
August 1993 - December 1994
Primary care medical practitioner,Hyderabad, A.P, India
December 1982 - August 1993
Primary care medical officer under Ministry of Health and Education, Government of Iran
November 1978 - November 1982
Primary care Physician, Hyderabad,A.P India
October 1973 - October 1978
Primary care medical practitioner,Warangal, A.P, India


February 2007

Paradoxical Bronchospasm with a near fatal reaction to Albuterol-HFA & Levalbuterol inhalation solution leading to Intubation in an adult asthmatic . Abstract presented for AAAAI meeting at San Diego.

February 2007

Use of multimedia presentation to increase knowledge and safety of Allergen lmmunotherapy . Abstract presented for AAAAI meeting at San Diego.

November 2006

Resurgence of Bedbug bites misdiagnosed as Allergic skin rashes in inner-city population. Abstract accepted for ACAAI meeting at Philadelphia.

October 2005

Prescribing of Epi-Pen to patients presenting to an inner city hospital E.D with Acute allergic reactions. Abstract accepted for AAAAI annual meeting at Miami.

March 2005

Use of Glucagon in Epinephrine resistant anaphylaxis, abstract accepted for ACAAI annual meeting at Anaheim.

Asthma severity, Psychiatric morbidity,and quality of life:

Correlation with inhaled corticosteroid dose. Paper published in Journal of Asthma 2003; 40:691-699.

Prevalence of Psychiatric symptoms in a population of urban adult out patients with Asthma and their Quality of Life.

Paper published in J Allergy Clinical Immunology Jan 2000: Vol 105 Number1 Pt 2:S105.

Bone Mineral Density in women with Asthma on Long term Corticosteroids.

Paper published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma& Immunology 2000; 85:495- 500.

Chronic Urticaria- Skin Sensitivity to Common Aero Allergens.

Published in Journal of Allergy and Immunology, Jan, 1999.

"Strongloydosis hyperinfection complicating wegner's granulomatosis in a patient"

abstract presented at ACCAI, Nov 2008,Washington , Seattle.

"Dilemma of contact colitis, or a new disease term"

abstract presented at ACCAI ,Nov 2008,Washington ,Seattle.


Lutheran Medical Center,

155-551h street,
Brooklyn -NY, 11220


American Medical Association
American College Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
American Academy of Asthma, Allergy , and Immunology


Arlene T, Schneider

Chairman, Dept of Allergy and Immunology

Long Island college Hospital

339-Hicks street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201,
(718) 780-4673

Bernard Silverman

Director of Research

Long Island College Hospital

339-Hicks street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201,
(718) 780-4673

Yalamancheli, AK Rao

Vice Chairman, Dept of allergy and Immunology

Long Island college Hospital

339-Hicks street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201,
(718) 780-4673

Murali. MR

Clinical Director of Immunology Lab & Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital & Harward Medical School

55-Fruit street, Bull finch,
Room #422 Boston, MA,02114
(617) 726-3764